You know the one I'm talking about, the one that makes some people giddy and others cringe.

Christmas! (no, our tree is not up)

As I sit here with my air conditioner on and my shoes off it's hard to think about the up coming shopping season but after working in a retail enviornment for 25 years I know it sneaks up on you.

My kids always make fun of me for asking for lists in August. But it's easier to find sales when you're not rushing around at the last minute, not to mention it's easier on the purse strings.  The problem is the older they get the less they 'need' that new thing. I find myself getting the things they need instead, clothes, socks, boring...

I sit search the internet for a way to make things more personal, space clothes for one, jeep accessories for another. All in all something practical (no, it's not a dirty word) I love giving something people will actually use and not just throw under the bed or into a drawer.

I offer for your consideration, handmade soap. You can never have too much, it's pretty and easily made personal by picking your special someone's favorite.

Sometimes it's as easy as "I love that scent" other times you're looking for that essential oil auntie loves.

As the blog goes on I will attempt to enlighten you on the oils, butters, and additives we use in our soaps.

So welcome to my blog I hope you find it entertaining and a bit informative :)