Those of you that know me know that I'm always thinking and wondering.  I've been exposed to a lot of science pages lately with my daughter looking to pursue her science dreams, and I'm always thinking of ways to relax and stay centered. Put those two things together and you get me wondering about natural ways people have relieved stress and tensions through the ages. My mind is a real spiderweb of ideas!

I have always had an interest in the earth, natural healing, natural anything, tree hugger supreme, that's me.  And it seems to me that as science advances they find simple is sometimes best. Don't get me wrong, antibiotics and vaccines definitely have an important place in healing and prevention, but sometimes just getting your head in the right place is just as important. 

I just read an article were they were using fish skin to treat burns instead of creams and bandages.* Makes sense, it's natural so it contains a lot of the things the skin needs. Once again back to nature.  Homeopathic remedies and old wives solutions are making a comeback. Have they ever gone away? I remember my grandfather rubbing mud on my bee sting when I was a kid, it seemed strange but now they have found the benefits to it. (Please don't try this at home, I'm not a doctor. Just sharing experiences)

This brings me to crystals and essential oils. Through out the ages people have used them to do all kinds of things. Even today, they have a large following of people who study aromatherapy and crystal healing.  While I'm not sure having a rose quartz in my pocket will bring me love as soon as I walk out the door, I am sure that my believing will put me in a better frame of mind if it presents itself.  And scents are one of the most widely used home remedies for stress, focus and relaxation.  We use candles, perfumes, scented sprays, you name it to create atmosphere everywhere we go. 

So I said to myself what if I combined crystals and essential oils in soap to create a relaxing, anxiety reducing or protective atmosphere for your shower.  The cleansing is already taking place with the soap and water literally washing away the dirt of the day, a little aromatherapy and crystal energy can only add to that. I've embedded tumbled stones into the soap and paired each with a complimentary essential oil blend. The first soap will be rose quartz blended with rose absolute and geranium essential oils.  And the best part is when your soap is done you'll still have a lovely crystal to carry with you or make a piece of jewelry with. 

I'm loving this new thought. I hope you do too. We'll start out with four types, Rose Quartz Soap, rose quartz is a stone for the heart and blended with the oils is said to reduce stress, tension and relieve jealousy. Blue Lace Agate Soap, is a stone that calms nervousness and brings tranquility.  Clear Crystal Soap, is considered a master stone and is said to boost energy. Snowflake Obsidian Soap, is a protection stone and shields from negativity. 

  I can't wait for the new soaps to cure so I can make them available to you. Remember I'm not a doctor and none of this information is meant to be medical advice. Please feel free to look up this information for yourself, there is so much to learn. 

Thanks for stopping by,