Working with what you've got

I have sensitive skin. When I say that I mean I can't go in the sun for more than five minutes with out spf 1000 sunblock and I can't go near any kind of irritating chemical (oh bother, I have to get other people to clean our bathroom) As time went on I found I could no longer use the name brand soap I was used to using. I tried a beauty bar hoping the gentle cleansers would be better, but it still was no good for my skin. That's when I found it; natural handmade soap! First I tried unscented color free, then scented and colored. It was wonderful, I could use scented soap and not itch. Then my father said to me "have you tried making your own?" I thought, brilliant! I can make my own formulas, and choose my own ingredients. So we made our first batch. It didn't look like much and all I had was olive oil, which by the way makes a great soap on its own, but it was fun and we were hooked. The next batch we tried color and then moved on to trying butters. I found I could let my artistic nature shine through in soap making and the natural part appealed to my inner environmentalists. And it's not a bad way to spend time with your dad either 😃 So here we are making soap like crazy with friends and family asking, "what are you doing with all that soap?" Selling it I guess. We started with a 'keep me in my habit' sale and it took off from there. We started stepping up production, and planning for fairs. Now we are on Etsy offering our creations to you and we hope you will enjoy them as much as we do. Everyone's skin is different so we offer a variety of different soaps from gentle to exfoliating. We have something for everyone.
Thank you for visiting our shop. We hope to provide you with great smelling, fun looking soap soon.

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